August 8, 2018
Our summer travels this July included an opportunity to take in concerts at Summer Music Vancouver (I highly recommend it!).  With a theme of improvisation, the concerts included performances by chamber groups of various kinds and included the Verona Quartet!  I am now even more excited to be presenting this international award-winning string quartet as our season opener on September 16.
Chamber music is often referred to as the music of friends.   One of the most common chamber music groups of “friends” is a string quartet.  To experience a performance of a professional string quartet such as the Verona Quartet is like listening in on a lively animated conversation.  The expression on the faces of the players and their interaction with each other help to portray the mood and meaning of the music which greatly enhances the ability of the audience to be engaged with the music and the musicians.
Mark your calendar for September 16, 3:30 PM at Knox Metropolitan United Church.  It is your chance to listen in on the musical conversation of this truly international string quartet as they present music of Mozart, Janacek, Dvorak and Beethoven in a program entitled “Manifesto on Love”.
See you there!