dsc03185October 27, 2016
It was a thrill to have James Anagnoson and Leslie Kinton begin the 2016-17 season of the Cecilian Chamber Series with a great afternoon of duo piano music last Sunday October 23, 2016.   The fact that it was three weeks later than originally planned seemed to make the audience even more appreciative of the musical talent and dedication of this incredible duo that has been performing for 40 years.



It was less than 24 hours before what was to be the opening concert of the 6th season of the Cecilian Chamber Series, October 1, 2016, that I received the news that Leslie Kinton was in the hospital and would not be flying.  It was not yet clear what the issue was but we were definitely entering into new territory for us all!  There was a flurry of emails and communications to let subscribers/ticket purchasers and other potential audience members know that the concert was to the best of our knowledge at that point at least postponed and possibly cancelled.  Everyone was very patient, understanding and prepared to wait.


dsc03207The phone call from Lesley Kinton a few days later to let me know that he had been discharged from hospital and was again in perfect health was a very welcome one. We were lucky to be able to quickly and efficiently reschedule the concert and we proceeded to send out the news of the rescheduled date of October 23, 2016.



It was a very lucky audience that were able to enjoy a spectacular concert of highlights of music that Jim and Lesley had performed over the last 40 years with stories to go along about their adventures musically and on the road. The program included works by Johannes Brahms, Canadian composer Pierre Gallant, Francis Poulenc, Johann Strauss Jr, Antonin Dvorak and finished with the great Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin.  The audience that included many young people were very appreciative and as happens so often, the artists commented on how attentive and quiet they were and how much they, the artists, love the acoustics of Knox-Metropolitan Church.


dsc03210As a concert series team, had the opportunity to discover again that the power of the music will prevail.  The concert had to happen and it did!  Now on to the next…. Ariel Quartet in three weeks!