facebook squareAugust 31, 2016
As summer nears its end and we look forward to fall activities I am very much looking forward to the routines that come with the fall and the start of the teaching and concert schedule.   After a great summer or experiencing outstanding concerts at the Verbier festival in Switzerland and the Mozart Festival in Salzburg, Austria it is exciting to be working on getting ready to present the 2016-17 season of the Cecilian Chamber Series.
I just finished listening to a live Facebook interview with violinists Timothy and Nikki Chooi who will be performing for us in Regina in February 2017.  What a thrill to be able to hear these talented brothers answer questions from an online audience.  These two musical talents are seeing their careers sky rocket with Nikki Chooi being named the concert master of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York and Timothy winning one of the 1st prizes in the Astral Artists Management’s 2016 national auditions.
Technology allows us to hear news about and listen to performances of all kinds instantaneously in the comfort of our own home on a variety of devices.  I often take the time to listen online to familiar artists or to discover new ones.  While all of this is very exciting it is not the same as a live concert.  It is only in a live performance that we can experience the real human connection with the artist.  Taking the time to be completely committed to listening to what a dedicated musician has to say through their music gives us an opportunity to connect in a much more human and rewarding way.  Studies have shown that there is a universal response to attending a live concert that can be measured in a reduction in stress hormone levels which in turn increases immune function.
Attending concerts, whether they be one of our Cecilian Chamber Series concerts, one of many offered by other great cultural organizations in Regina, or a concert in another city, live music is something I cannot live without. It is a major part of my life and I would be lost without them.   Spending a few hours completely immersed in listening to performances where artists are sharing their inner most feelings and emotions through music gives life meaning and provides me with the inspiration for the rest of my life.  And to be able to share that experience with others makes it extra special.
The arts enrich our social environment by stimulating public amenities thus improving the quality of our lives.  The experience of live classical music concerts presented by great artists provides a collective ‘memory’ for the community and serves as a reservoir of creative and intellectual ideas for future generations.  Communications between the musicians and the audience, like a subtle nod, a smile, or a raised eyebrow, create a shared and lasting enjoyment.
It is my wish that experiencing concerts presented by the World Stage artists that grace the stage in the Cecilian Chamber Series concerts will be able to offer you a chance for that same kind of meaningful experience.
Let the music begin!!!